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Who We are

Lending A Supporting Hand Foundation. is a non-profit organization that provides community, educational, and supportive services for the advancement of military women and their families in society.

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Our Mission

L.A.S.H. strives to make a huge impact on those we work with directly. Our goal is to provide essential life resources for veterans and their families. We are striving to provide a safe place to inspire, motivate, and help support veteran women and families in a state of immediate need to the highest level of self-sufficiency and stability in the community

We Work to Make a Difference

L.A.S.H. has recognized the need for homeless services and social service support within the military community, primarily for women. We are a service and care provider for former and present military service women. We offer a broad array of programs and services, and our goal is to support stability and independent living. We strive to equip veteran women who are facing or at-risk of homelessness with the tools for economic self-sufficiency and to provide them a path to achieve successful and dignified independent living.

L.A.S.H. welcomes any female veteran who has served this country in uniform, within any branch of the military. We are here to provide temporary safe housing; and supportive human service coordination, and we offer entry-level culinary arts training that will equip our members with a Servsafe certification upon completion of our job training program. Our program provides a home, meals, and connection to the community resources, and a path to a better and stable future.


Our Team

board Members

Badia Shephard

CEO and Broad Chair

Raymond Jenkins

Vice President Chair